Dewars Folding Corkscrew

Hi Phillip,

I do apologise for taking so long to reply to your enquiry.  I did finally
get access to the image and can tell you a little bit about it.  We have a
number of these items on exhibition at our visitor centre in Scotland, and
they are very popular with visitors.

The brand it advertises, Old Highland Whisky, was sold from approximately
the 1890s until round about the 1920s (I will attach a document which tells
you more about this).  I don't know how many of these cork screws were
issued, but I do regularly get enquiries about them so quite a few people
out there seem to have kept them!  There is a Royal coat of arms on the
cork screw which does help to date the item.  We obtained our first Royal
Warrant from Queen Victoria in 1893, therefore the corkscrew must date from
that period onwards.  The company introduced spring caps for its whisky
bottles round about 1927 / 1928 to replace corks, therefore presumably this
item was used before then.  They also feature in a POS catalogue we have in
the archive that dates to around 1912.

Ours  was  valued  back in 1999 at £200 (two hundred pounds sterling).  The
value would of course depend on the condition of the item.

I hope this information helps, and I am sorry you had to wait so long.  I
have been extremely busy recently establishing our new web site, which
includes online shopping.  We can only ship in the UK just now but hope to
expand this to global sales shortly.  If you interested take a look at - you can take a virtual tour of our visitor centre, send an
e-postcard to a friend and play the blenders challenge!

Best wishes


(See attached file: Old Highland Whisky History.doc)


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Dewar’s Old Highland / Old Scotch Whisky

Dewar’s Old Highland whisky is one of the company’s oldest known brands. Dewar’s earliest known trade mark is for ‘John Dewar & Sons Highland Whisky’, which was first registered in 1888.


A promotional letter sent to Sportsmen and shooting lodges in 1894 boasted that it was one of the most popular brands on the market, having attained 16 International gold and silver medals and diplomas.


An advertising leaflet produced during the 1890s stated that:


Old Highland Whisky has rapidly attained the highest place in public favour as a safe and valuable stimulant, and it is now almost universally prescribed by the Medical profession in preference to Brandy and any other spirit.


White Label, Dewar’s most famous and enduring brand, was not introduced onto the market until approximately 1899. Prior to that Dewar’s produced a range of blended whiskies, and Old Highland Whisky was one of their key brands, which continued to be produced into the early 20th century. In the absence of the old recipe books, it is difficult to determine the differences between brands such as Old Highland Whisky, Old Scotch Whisky, Extra Special Old Highland Whisky and Extra Special Old Scotch Whisky. It is possible that they were all a similar blend, produced for different markets.


Information compiled by:

Jacqui Seargeant

Company Archivist