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Pair of early paste
on silver buckles


buckles01.jpg (109853 bytes)

Gold Locket and Portrait by Emily M.Merrick

Gold Locket dated 1881  15.5gms without frames and photo 19.9 grams with the gold/silver frames and glazed photo (very thin glass about 0.5mm). The glass over the photo is cracked.The letter "B" is scratched into the left hand side underneath the photo. I could not find a hallmark on the locket, but on the inside of heavy oval ring there are two cast marks one seems to be "1881" and the other is "18c". Size is 40mm high, 34mm wide and approx 6mm thick

Gold content15.5gms x 18/24 = 11.63grams x A$45.63/gm = A$526 
(Gold price A$1407/oz)

On the front of the locket is engraved "PRESENTED TO Capt Horne BY HIS OFFICERS " SS MALWA" Sept 1  1881"

On the back is engraved " SPECK, Bishop, Crawford, GREIVE, Jesson, Williams, GREY


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There is also a painting of Capt. de Horne. The painting measures 200mm x 240mm without the frame. It is signed E.M.Merrick (Emily M.Merrick b 1842 - 1921) - a well known artist of the time. She exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1864 (see page 59 English Art in 1884). She wrote a book "With a Palette in Eastern Palaces". published: 1899. Publisher: S. Low, Marston ( reprinted recently). She painted the Maharani of Rewa.
She is mentioned in the Brisbane Courier 4th February 1895 page 7 "
Miss E. M. Merrick, a young artist, who is engaged in painting the portraits of zenana women in India, says her sitters show a strong disinclination to being painted in their beautiful and becoming nativo costumes, and prefer a wretched travesty of European fashions."

5537 H.M.Stanley Collection “Lady artists. Miss E. M. Merrick”, The Lady’s Pictorial, 05-07-1890

Miss E. M. Merrick is a London artist, and portraits are her specialty ; but she has made
some creditable excursions into the field of genre painting, in the illustrative or narrative
English style. While still a student at the Royal Academy, Miss Merrick made a trip to
Egypt; and there, though mainly on pleasure bent, she found time to secure and begin sev-
eral commissions, notably portraits of the Khedivia and of Mr. Henry Morton Stanley. These successes turned Miss Merrick's thoughts to the Orient as a promising field of operations ; and a professional foray into India followed.
The memories of these expeditions are now printed in a pretty little volume entitled "With
a Palette in Eastern Palaces," which has a certain special descriptive value owing to the fact that its author, in her capacity of portrait- painter, was often permitted to penetrate into
places that are closed to most tourists indeed, to all masculine visitors whomsoever.
The book presents many lively pictures of East Indian society and manners, native and exotic ; and it is written with true feminine vivacity. It contains some interesting reproductions of portraits painted in the East by the author ; but quite the most attractive thing in it is the frontispiece portrait of Miss Merrick herself. While in Egypt, Miss Merrick met some American tourists.
" I remember one remarking to me when I was feeling rather seedy at Assouan, ' Wai, you do look like a worm. Guess Egypt don't suit you. You'll go home in a box likely.' American expressions sound very funny to our ears."
We should think so. American readers will regret that Miss Merrick fails to say what
section of this country the expressions quoted are native to.

The Dial July 1900

101287011.JPG (877001 bytes)     1012870.JPG (1695373 bytes)

Portrait of Captain Horne by E.M.Merrick

At a Bonhams auction on 30th November 2010 her painting "A French Lesson" was estimated to sell for between £400 and £600 = A$625 and A$938.  

At Christies Her portrait of Margery Merrick sold for $15000 see URL on 5th September 2002

Price for both items  A$2750