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Solid Brass  Table Oil Lamp

The elegant old piece  weighs 1.6kg and stands 330mm tall with a base diameter of 150mm. Double burner and all in good working order. Ribbed Regency style column No markings except for "Use only Paraffin on base under burner" Needs a glass chimney with 60mm diameter base, and these are available from
T W Sands & Co

449 Elizabeth St
Melbourne VIC 3000
ph: (03) 9329 7804 

and also from
Brandt Bros Est. 1878
141 Devonshire St
Surry Hills, NSW 2010
Mon-Fri 9:00am- 5:00pm
Sat 9:00am-12:00pm
Tel: (02) 9318-2666
Fax: (03) 9329-4720

        =    SOLD

balgold.JPG (3089 bytes)
Souvenir Gold pannings Swan Hill.Vic
A$ 45

handmirror.JPG (7324 bytes)
19th Century Mahogany Hand Beveled Mirror

bookends.jpg (26904 bytes)
Pair of heavy plastic bookends c1930

 Rapidman 801 Vintage Calculator 1974


In working order and with original Operating Instruction Manual - see below.

Purchased by me in 1974 in the UK for
46 - a staggering sum compared to the present cost of similar and better calculators.
Allowing for 5% pa inflation for the past 25 years
this amounts to about 155 or A$310. Today I can buy a comparable and better machine for $5!

Size (approx):

86mm (max) x 146mm x 25mm (w x h x d)
Weight 178g not including batteries.

9.0V DC using 1 x PP3 size battery  It  accepts an adapter (undefined) through a socket on the top side to the far left. The on/off switch on the left hand side is a press-and-slide type which is not very common. 
The two-piece case is in stippled dark brown and beige plastic.  A raised recess at the top accommodates a two colour plastic sticker printed white with the brand and model number.  The tilted and slightly recessed red plastic display filter gives a bright image but with a narrow field of view.  The keyboard area is recessed, the sides acting as a shield.  The keyboard surround is dark brown smooth plastic with white printed text for the labels.   The keys are short travel with a loud click but appear to work well.
8 digit red LED with bubble lens with a ninth digit for the negative indicator.  Features: Standard four functions percentages, RPN logic.
1974 Manufacturer: Rapid Data Systems and Equipment Ltd., made in Canada.  Serial number 15 128873.  Pat pending 707-424-000.
Well built calculator that covers the basic functions.  The follow up to the Rapidman 800.  The logic is sound (although RPN is a pain) except for the pseudo fixed decimal bug and the trailing zeros.  It still has loads of components inside with an astonishing 22 transistors!

1 x cpu: Rockwell RA1030PE 7401 (date code week 1 1974), 42 pin staggered DIL, 0.6" width 
! x 9 digit red LED unit with individual bubble lens
22 x transistors
10 x diodes
5 x capacitors
27 x resistors
1 x transformer

The keyboard assembly (1KS139 45287-1 Texas Instruments, Pat Pending 1st Issue) sits lose on top of the main cpu board and is connected via 12 strong wires.  The main board is fixed to the back with plastic lugs and posts

Remove the three screws from the back and the two piece case separates easily.  However, it is best to lift the back off as the keys will remain in place in the front section.

Logic comments:
The (C) key is used to cancel the last number entered whilst a second press will clear the whole calculator.
Input overflow is suppressed inputting a ninth digit is ignored Negative numbers are shown with a "-" in the far right (ninth) digit thereby allowing full eight digit negative numbers There is automatic constant on all four functions Divide by zero shows zero and hooks up and is recoverable using (C) Overflow shows the answer and hooks up and is recoverable using (C) The logic is reverse polish notation so takes a bit of getting used to; to work out 9-5 key in (9)(+)(5)(-) which shows "4". Interestingly, the results of a division do not have trailing zero suppression; key in (9)(/)(5) and you get "1.8000000" which continues into the next calculations.  This calculator suffers the pseudo fixed decimal bug; key in (1)(+)(0)(.)(0)(0)(0)(+) and the display will show 1.000 which will remain until a calculation causes it to be exceeded.

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$30       SOLD

Sangean ATS-803 Radio

I have owned this radio since new c.1985. I have not used it for two years having purchased a Sangean 909X. It works but needs a service. The manual tuning knob is also inactive. Reception is ok on FM and AM medium wave bands but is silent on Shortwave bands. Comes in original box with shoulder strap, original manual dated 1985 and mains adaptor - see pics

The Sangean ATS-803 put Sangean on the map in the world of shortwave radio. This digital world band radio with dual-conversion covering all shortwave frequencies (1.6 - 30 MHz) plus long wave (150-519 kHz), AM (520-1710 kHz) and FM (87.5-108 MHz) (stereo to headphone jack). A BFO clarifier control is included for smooth SSB (single sideband) and CW (Morse code) reception. This will allow you to listen to ham radios, plus some regular shortwave broadcast stations are now also transmitting in SSB. An LCD display with dial lamp shows:  frequency (to 1 kHz on shortwave), 24 hour time, battery indicator and signal strength. The receiver features an RF gain, tone, , keypad entry, manual tuning knob, plus 14 memories (9 for your favorite stations and 5 for last setting of five bands). There is a 9/10 kHz MW step switch inside the battery compartment.

The ATS-803 includes the AC adapter and require six D cells and two AA cells (not supplied). 11.5 x 6.3 x 2.4 inches (293x160x60mm 1.75 kg).

Sangean ATS 803 Forum - Word Document download.
Also available from


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Grundig Satellit 2100 Radio
Serial number 15571
Multiband portable radio with external SSB Unit - SSB-detector 2000
Original Instruction booklets for radio and SSB Detector
Battery/mains operated. 
In working order

10108.jpg (60211 bytes) 
10108b.jpg (145112 bytes)
Click on pictures to enlarge

The Satellit 2100 has an analog display.
It features the band buttons for LW/MW/SW/FM.
Rotary knob on right side for spread band selection.
Has Bass and Treble tone controls. The rear panel
has input-output and antenna jacks. The
bottom has a battery compartment.
Black version. Made in West Germany.
Ref 10108
$200   SOLD

Sony  ICF-2001
FM/AM PLL Synthesized Receiver
Serial Number 131516 - Manuals incuded.
The display screen is not working

The Sony ICF-2001 is a microprocessor-controlled, dual conversion, frequency synthesized general coverage portable receiver. Direct access keypad tuning is provided along with a multifunction LCD digital readout for unsurpassed convenience and accuracy. Just press the numbered keys to match the frequency you want to hear. Six memories are provided for your favorite stations. The ICF-2001 tunes from 150 to 29999 kHz for solid coverage of longwave, medium wave and shortwave. Single Sideband (SSB) reception is supported. Advanced features include:  dial light, LED bar graph tune indicator, digital quartz clock with timer plus separate bass & treble slide controls. With shoulder strap. 12.25 x 6.75 x 2.25 inches 4 lb. (310x171x56 mm 1.8 kg). This radio requires three D cells and two AA cells . There is a 4.5 VDC [] input jack.

More information
On Line manuals etc also from


Eddystone 1001 Communications Receiver
Manufactured in 1972 Serial No. 0308
Comes with the original spec. sheet and two manuals
Ref 10117

10117a.jpg (303914 bytes) 
10117b.jpg (164701 bytes)     10117c.jpg (78468 bytes)


Playart Electronic Organ - 1976


Click on pictures to enlarge
Purchased by me In South Africa in 1976 - Works Well
The music stand, battery compartment lid and one rubber foot are missing.
Runs on a 9 volt battery - not included.
290mm wide - 130mm deep. wt. 500grams

$20 SOLD

Miniature Silver Picture Frame hallmarked London 1896

Click on pictures to enlarge

80mm x 55mm OA
Opening 60mm x 37mm


Miniature Elephant Carvings


Click on pictures to enlarge

From India c 1900.
One ebony and the other ivory
Wired for necklace etc.


Miniature Carved Reindeer

Click on pictures to enlarge

This exquisite miniature carving of a Reindeer in Pine or similar light wood.
It is certainly 19th century as it was brought from Germany by my uncle's family in 1902. I am told it originated in Lapland and was carved by a highly skilled Sami artisan during a Lapland winter lit only by smokey oil lamps or reindeer. fat candles.
Please not the tip of one point in the Right Hand horn is missing

$120 SOLD




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