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In Sunshine or in Shadow
The Remarkable History of the Ancient Irish Air

Performers: Brenda Barron, Harry Belafonte, Andy Williams, Jim Reeves, Nana Mouskouri, The LarksTom Jones, Conway Twitty, Boots RandolphBen Webster, Eugene o'Donnell & James Mccafferty, Shane McGowan, Ronnie Draw (with Michael Nolan & Anthony Drennan), Gavin Povey, Patrick Kealey, Sinéad o'Connor, De Danann (with Frankie Gavin), Eric Clapton, Michael o'Brien, Marianne Faithfull
:Ronnie Draw (Dubliners), Eric Clapton, Julian Lloyd, John Hume (MP), Brian Audley (musicologist), Brian Keenan, Jim Hunter (University of  Ulster), Wallace McCurry (descendant of Blind Jimmy McCurry), Barry McGuigan (boxer).
The Remarkable History of the Ancient Irish Air

  "But come ye back when summer's in the meadow, Or all the valley's hushed and white with snow, It's I'll be here in sunshineor in shadow – Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy I love you so."
The Londonderry Air
, or Danny Boy, has a melody that transcends national and musical barriers of every sort. The tune came to the blind   itinerant harpist Rory O'Cahan in a dream; three hundred years later it was played at Elvis Presley's funeral. This ancient Irish air was given lyrics by the philosopher/barrister Fred Weatherly in 1913. Since then, the song has covered the world in an astonishing variety of musical forms,from classical and ballad arrangements to rock 'n' roll, jazz, hip hop, bluegrass, reggae, soul and religious hymns. In the song's homeland of Northern Ireland, it has the status of an unofficial national anthem, crossing sectarian divides and finding a place in the heart of nationalist and unionist alike.
, is a documentary on the extraordinary history of the song Danny Boy. It has been called "the most beautiful tune in the world" by no less an authority than Hubert Perry, composer of the music for the hymn Jerusalem, and is today rivaled only by Paul McCartney's Yesterday and Hoagy Carmichael's Stardust for the title of the world'smost frequently recorded piece of music. Filmed on location in Derry, Dublin and London,

DANNY BOY "IN SUNSHINE OR IN SHADOW" features musical interpretations, created specially for the program, performed by Eric Clapton, Ronnie Drew, Marianne Faithfull, Shane MacGowan, Sinéad O'Connor and legendary traditional fiddle player Eugene O'Donnell. These artists also talkabout what the song means to them. Along with these contemporary performances, the film features rare archival footage ofConway Twitty, and Tom Jones and the doo-wop group, the Larks. The film also features John Hume, MP; boxer Barry McGuigan; and Van Morrison talking about their profound personal links with the song.

Danny Boy is not just an Irish phenomenon; the tune's story also reflects the history of recorded music. Far from being confined to the narrowparameters of traditional music, it has been played by jazz stars from Count Basie and Ben Webster to Art Tatum; by country stars from Conway Twitty to Bill Monroe and Jerry Lee Lewis. Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Roy Orbison, Mahalia Jackson, Willie Nelson, Bing Crosby, Liberace, Van Morrison and the Chieftains, punk bands, big bands, show bands, countless tenors and sopranos and even the Mormon Tabernacle Choir have recorded versions.

Danny Boy is a must on karaoke juke boxes in Japan and is popular with a reggae treatment in Jamaica. In the movies, the Coen brothers used Danny Boy at a pivotal moment of Miller's Crossing; Gracie Fields sang it in Shipyard Sally,as did the Pogues in Straight to Hell.
For millions the world over, the melody and the words to Danny Boy evoke feelings common to everyone who has ever parted from a lover, family, friend or homeland. DANNY BOY "IN SUNSHINE OR IN SHADOW" celebrates the scope of this lovely music, ranging from the lone, unaccompanied singer in a bar to a full military pipe band.

All Zones DVD AUD$25
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Bryan de Grineau  -  Set of  2 x Five Greetings Cards


Bronze Statue by Émile Louis Picault  (1833 - 1915)

Figure of a running man. It has E. Picault engraved on the pedestal . In his right hand he holds two twigs with leaves and wears a belt with three faces. It is virtually identical to another Picault  statue below except here he carries a sword in his right hand and the base of the statue bears the inscription "Victoria".

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An original not a reproduction. 340mm High overall including 33mm high marble plinth.
Weight 1.6kg




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